Eclectus Parrots for Sale

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The Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus) is a parrot native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands (Moluccas).



Eclectus Parrots for Sale.

The Eclectus Parrots for Sale (Eclectus Rautus) is a native parrot to the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. Eclectus Parrots for Sale.The extreme sexual dimorphism in plumage colors is a rarity in the parrot family. The male has a bright emerald-green plumage, while the female has a bright red and purple/blue plumage.
Native New Guinean tribespeople use their bright feathers as decorations. This bird, which is native to the Solomon Islands and highly prized by its beautiful appearance and excellent pet quality, was born in 2007. It is a little more difficult to find than other parrots this size. Bright green males have bright candy corn-colored beaks, blue or red tail feathers and wings, and bright green eyes. Adult Eclectus parrots are approximately 1 pound in weight and 14 inches long when fully grown. The females are blue-beaked, redheaded and have black beaks.These paroots a little different from Hyacinth Macaws for Sale

How to Raise Eclectus Parrots & Their Lifestyle

In the wild, Eclectus Parrots for Sale eat main fruits, wild nuts, unripe nuts and flower and leaf buds. They also eat some seeds. They will eat all fruits in captivity including melons, mangos and figs, bananas as well as stone fruits, grapes and citrus fruits. The Eclectus parrot has a very long digestive tract, which is why they need to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in captivity. A few nuts, such as shelled almonds or shelled walnuts, are also available. Eclectus parrots benefit from more fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in Vitamin A. They also enjoy pelleted food. We recommend feeding pellets without artificial colors/dyes.


Eclectus parrots for purchase or Eclectus “roratus” as they are scientifically called, are gentle and intelligent birds that will be welcomed into the family because of their calm nature. Although they are good with children, they won’t tolerate noise or frantic activity. It is important that children learn how to behave around birds, not the other way around.

Even single female Eclectus parrots have strong nesting instincts, and may be more inclined to find nest sites in dark and enclosed areas. This could be in the house, under furniture or in cabinets. Females can be territorial especially during breeding season. The female is more likely to be bossy if you have a male-female pair. Eclectus parrots love to repeat interesting sounds and words as well as phrases they have learned from their human companions.

Eclectus parrots look like they are straight out of a Dr. Seuss book! Their feathers have a fur-like appearance and their colors are bright red for females, and bright green with a ‘candy corn’ colored beak for males.

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