Citron Cockatoo Parrot For Sale

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Citron Cockatoos are quieter than most cockatoo species, but they have big personalities and they love to play and interact with their owners. Inquisitive and affectionate, a Citron Cockatoo will want to be by your side as often as possible. Like most parrots, these birds need a lot of interaction with their owners, so be prepared to spend time with them.



Citron Cockatoo Parrot For Sale.

The Citron Cockatoo Parrot For Sale are native habitat of the citron cockatoo in Indonesia is Sumba and Lesser Sunda Islands. Habitat:Citron Cockatoo Parrot For Sale. The tropical forest is the preferred habitat, particularly at the edges. Citron cockatoos are considered critically endangered throughout their entire native range. They are also officially listed as endangered species.

Habitat loss and illegal trapping of pets for trade are two reasons why the population is declining. Trade in wild-born birds is illegal now. Potential buyers should ensure that the bird they purchase has a CITES certificate (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). This certifies that it is a captive-bred can also add Black Palm Cockatoo For Sale to your collections.


Citron cockatoos can be quieter than other cockatoo species. However, they are very social and love to interact with their owners. It is more reserved than the other varieties and may take some time to get used to new surroundings.

Citron Cockatoo Parrot For Sale will be affectionate and inquisitive once it is acclimatized to you. This bird is recommended for owners who have lots of time with their pet. Cockatoos require more attention than most parrots. The citron is an excellent example.

Although these birds are usually quiet, they can make loud growling noises that can escalate into very high-pitched shrieks. Talking birds are more likely to perform in the early morning. Citron cockatoos have a lower skill level in vocal imitation than other parrot species, and can only learn about 15 words or phrases.


Citron cockatoos have a mostly white appearance, with pale orange spots on their cheeks and undersides of the wings and tail feathers. They also have bright orange crests that distinguish them from other sulfur-crested species, which are usually yellow. The citron cockatoo is dark gray with grayish-black eyes and feet.

Although males and females look almost identical, the eyes of males are black while those of females are brown.


Citron cockatoos, with their charming personalities and beautiful colors, are becoming increasingly popular. You will need to find a breeder as this species is not commonly available in pet shops. These birds are delicate and require commitment before you rush to purchase one.

Consider a citron cockatoo if you are interested in one. These cockatoos are social, as is every other cockatoo. They need a lot of interaction with humans to be emotionally healthy. Citrons who are neglected can quickly resort to destructive behavior and screaming if they feel neglected.

Although citrons are one of the smaller cockatoo species they can be, they still require plenty of space. A citron cockatoo needs a cage that is at least 4×4 feet in size. Even larger cages are better, an aviary setting would be ideal.

Citron cockatoos should not be considered for people who live in condominiums or apartments. Although they are quieter than most other cockatoo species these birds can still make loud noises and vocalizations that could be annoying neighbors.sometimes i just love reading about can learn here

The citron, like all cockatoos needs to be able to have human contact. Some owners report that their birds love having a radio or television on if they are unable to communicate with you. They love music especially. You should provide them with plenty of toys to chew and shred.


Citron cockatoos for sale are susceptible to weight gain like all cockatoos. Owners should be aware of their intake. For a pet citron parrot, you should provide high-quality pellets and a moderate amount seed mix. A daily supply of fresh, safe fruits and vegetables is also important.

These birds can eat cooked chicken and other meats while in captivity.


The citron, like other cockatoos is also susceptible to psittacosis. This disease is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia pisilotic. This disease can be diagnosed in birds with respiratory problems, such as lethargy or discharge from the eyes. Treatment with antibiotics is possible.

Citron cockatoos can also be susceptible to nutritional deficiencies. This can be avoided by eating a balanced diet, and taking vitamin supplements.

Birds are susceptible to emotional issues such as destructive behavior and feather-pulling. These birds are mainly not getting the attention and interaction they need.


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