Amazon Parrots For Adoption

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Hi! I’m Martha. Although I was given a girl’s name, I’m actually a boy. Sometimes people call me Marty.



Amazon Parrots for Adoption

Amazon Parrots for Adoption ow to caring families.Hello! Hi! I’m Martha. I am actually a boy, even though I was given the name Martha. Marty is sometimes my name. I am an Amazon parrot available for adoption. I am an amazing bird but I have one quirk. It’s a very big one. I cannot live with males. I don’t trust males and do not discriminate between them. If you are a male, I will attack you. This is why I must live in an all-female home. If you’re still reading, let me tell you a little more about myself. Amazon parrots for adoption Contact Us.

I am a lover of women and can be affectionate with them. I love towels so much that I will spend hours in them if I have the opportunity.Amazon Parrots for Adoption. I would love to have lots of bags and boxes to play with, so I will need to find a place that has them. I love to dig in and tear things apart with joy. I am curious by nature and need to be watched carefully. Amazon parrots for adoption.I have a fantastic strut and will show it to you if you let me out of my cage and set me on the floor. I enjoy under-wing rubs and make lots of kissing sounds.

If your household demographics fit my requirements, please contact the Refuge to learn more about me. I promise that I will give you lots of love.I come witha free cage and up to date with all shots.I am DNA tested and talkative too.i will make your day every single day.please buy me now and you wont regrate.Do not forget to buy my food along.i come single or in pair so do not forget to buy me now.we also have Double Yellow Headed Amazon For Sale

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