African Grey Parrot for Sale Online


Though your parrot will demand a lot of personal attention from you, they are not particularly cuddly birds.

  • Body length: 13 inches (33 cm)
  • Bodyweight
  • Congo: 300-550 grams
  • Timneh: 275-375 grams
  • Age of sexual maturity: 3-6 years
  • Maximum life span: 50 years


African Grey Parrot for Sale Online

African Grey Parrot for Sale Online to most people that turn to purchase African grey parrots online since the very smart African grey is usually considered as the best talking bird in the entire wide world. With some accumulating vocabularies of thousands of various words. There’s even research study suggesting that these parrots can utilize words in context to have easy conversations. African grey parrots rely on connect with human beings and also this has actually been experienced on numerous celebrations. Although that does not necessarily imply they comprehend what they’re claiming.

Furthermore, this kind of speech takes years of patient training and practice from the owner. African Greys make preferred friends. However, logging as well as bountiful capturing for the wild bird, profession has left both types sadly jeopardized. African Grey Parrot for Sale Online are an excellent selection if you like a very curious as well as smart pet.

why you should buy african gray parrots from us

They have a great deal of power and curiosity and are possibly the smartest species of bird that lives. So it will certainly use up a great deal of your focus and energy due to this. You will require to invest a great deal of time with them daily, so they’re not a family pet that can be quickly left on their own. They are normally around 25 to 35 centimeters therefore are larger than the conventional pet dog parrot.

What aspects influence the cost of an African Grey?

How stunning an African Grey looks will certainly influence the cost of the bird dramatically. African Greys that look healthy and also do not have any kind of blemishes or strange marks and also attributes will be more desirable. However, uncommon however pleasant-looking attributes such as an one-of-a-kind pink or reddish. African Grey color is very rare and will drastically raise the cost of your animal bird.

The high quality of an African Grey’s genes will affect its cost. You can do DNA screening if you are worried concerning the genetic family tree of your bird. This could be a problem if you are thinking about animal bird reproducing yourselves. In addition, you can execute testing to look for conditions in the bird too. Both of these will cost additional fees, you may also want to do hereditary screening to make certain the African Grey is not a crossbreed. Crossbreeding is generally done in between a Timneh as well as a Congo.

Looking for African grey parrots up for sale online as well as exactly how lovely they’re, see an African Grey at work, have a look at the video listed below.

Organic Facts

African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus); 2 subspecies
Congo: bigger body, light-grey coloration, all-black beak, and also bright red tail plumes
Timneh: smaller sized body, darker-grey coloration, the flesh-colored leading half of beak, and also dark maroon tail feathers
Weight: 330-500 gm
Youthful birds have dark grey irises that turn pale yellow at 1 year old
Sex-related maturity: 4-6 years
Avg. lifetime: 25-30 years
Maximum recorded life expectancy: 50+ years
Origins: West and Central Africa


Wild African grey parrots feed upon a selection of fruits, nuts, as well as vegetables.
Seed-based diet plans are not suggested as they permit pet birds to choose an imbalanced diet regimen from what is offered.
Created diet plans (” pellets” or “falls apart”) supply more full as well as balanced nourishment, do not permit selective feeding, and also should consist of concerning 75% of the diet
Dark leafy greens, vegetables, and also fruits container comprise 20-25% of the diet
Treats ought to be limited to just 5% of the diet plan
Tidy, fresh water should be offered daily

Caring For An African Grey Parrot
Perches ought to be put low in the cage, specifically for more youthful birds that may not be as stable when climbing. You will need to maintain your parrot’s nails trimmed. These parrots have their first molt at concerning 8 months of age, and then at around 11 months will have the initial severe molt which will certainly be an annual incident.
Diet plan needs to consist of high-quality pellets as well as lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, specifically those with high degrees of calcium and Vitamin A. The birds can be reproduced year-round and also have a clutch of from 1 to 3 eggs.

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