Info & health guarantee


All of our birds are DISEASE TESTED negative for Polyomavirus (PVD), Avian Bornavirus (ABV), Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), Psittacine Beak, and Feather Disease (PBFD), and Chlamydia psittaci. We give authoritative work each bird we sell.

We guarantee that there are no infection or parasite signs at the hour of offer and that our birds are absolutely solid. This infers that our birds are freed from viral illnesses, pathogenic bacterial contaminations, parasitic diseases, and inborn disfigurements. Right when a customer purchases a bird(s) from us, we give our customers a seven days prosperity guarantee on bird(s) that are weaned (eating isolated). Inside the underlying seven days of the purchase, customers are encouraged to take the bird(s) to an avian veterinarian deliberately. If an avian veterinarian communicates that the bird was Unfit accessible to be bought (not useful), an announcement/work area work ought to be acquainted with Bird Breeder Store aviary inside 24 hours of test for exchange or full rebate of the bird(s). Moreover, any bird(s) taken and hand-dealt with by customers are not qualified for any confirmation. There are no refund(s), exchange, or another free bird if a customer can’t manage an unweaned bird(s).

In the event the purchaser neglects to purcahse the bird(s) investigated by an avian veterinarian inside seven days after pickup or movement. The buyer appreciates and agrees that the arrangement is convincing, and there is no confirmation/markdown on the bird(s) any more.



All birds come with a 7 Days limited health guarantee. If not we will replace the bird or give a full refund on the purchase price if proven not to be healthy at the time of sale. Once a bird leaves our home, circumstances and conditions are beyond our control, therefore we cannot guarantee the birds beyond these 7 Days. If your avian veterinarian performs a health examination within the allotted time period (7 Days) and discovers a problem too costly to cure, or a problem that cannot be cured, we will replace the bird with one of the same kind of value, or buy the bird back For that you must relinquish the bird back to me with a letter from the vet explaining the nature of the illness. This letter must be on the vet’s official letter pad with a vet rubber stamp seal.


The guarantee is void if all the following requirements are not followed accordingly;
  1. The bird must be quarantined away from all other birds and an examination by an Avian Certified Veterinarian must be done within 7 Days after possession.
  2. If you currently have other birds or have had birds in the same environment within the past year, you must provide documentation of their health and past medical history. The reason for this is that many viruses can stay in the environment for many months after an infected bird is removed.

Weaning a baby bird

A weaned bird is one who can fill his/her own crop for a minimum of two weeks and maintain a reasonable weight prior to going to its new home. Because it is easier to sell an unweaned baby than a weaned baby, we charge extra to wean a baby bird. Price for weaning a baby bird depends on what type of bird it is or how old a baby is.